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  Protecting Your Information  


An alarming one in ten people will become the victims of identity theft this year alone. You need to be vigilant about protecting your personal and financial information from someone interested in committing the crime of identity theft

How to keep your information safe

Whether you are dealing with someone online or over the phone, make certain that you are 100% certain about with whom you are dealing. You should never provide personal or financial information through a request made in an email to you or in a phone call to you.

Detect suspicious signs

You need to pay close attention to any suspicious signs that might be an indication that you have been targeted for identity theftt.

Phishing spywae

Phishing is a process that occurs on the Internet and World Wide Web. Through phishing, a person intent on committing identity theft sends an electronic communication of some sort to a person like you.

Software to keep it safe

this article is presented to provide you with some basic information in regard to protecting your personal and financial information through the use of different types of software.

Install spam filters

To protect yourself against identity theft or ID theft, you might want to install spam filters as a means of protecting yourself from identity theft or ID theft.




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