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It has been reported that this year alone one in ten people will become the victims of identity theft each year. Indeed, most experts agree that this number will rise -- and perhaps rise dramatically -- in the immediate future.

What is phishing?

One of the techniques that oftentimes is used when it comes to identity theft is something called phishing. While you may have heard of the term phishing, particularly if you spend any time online, you may not really know what phishing is all about.

Phishing scam examples

Through this article you will be provided with some examples of phishing. By considering some of these examples of phishing, you will be in a better position to protect yourself from phishing scams and from identity theft.

How to detect phishing spam

By understanding the tips and suggestions presented for you in this article about detecting phishing spam, you will be in a far better position of protecting yourself from an identity theft scheme.



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