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  Online safety  


Despite all of the wonderful attributes associated with the Internet and World Wide Web, there are dangers lurking in ever corner of the World Wide Web. In this regard, people involved in identity theft have started to use the Internet with a great deal of regularity.

Online shopping

One area where it is very important that you take available precautions against identity theft is when you are shopping online. When shopping online, you do run a risk that you might become the victim of identity theft.

Online scams and how to protect your info

Because identity theft is so prevalent today, it is vital that you protect yourself against this crime on all fronts. If you use the Internet and World Wide Web with any regularity, you need to make yourself well aware of online scams that might result in the theft of your identity.


Any software application or program that covertly gathers user information via that userís connection to the Internet. It is important to keep in mind that this gathering of information is done covertly, without the knowledge of the computer user.

WI-FI safety

More and more people are beginning to use Wi-Fi technology. As a result, people intent on committing identity theft are also tracking behind using Wi-Fi technology to further their illicit schemes.




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