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  Identity Theft In Information Age  


We live in what oftentimes is called the Information Age. Certainly, we do live at a point in history at which information is an important commodity. Information in and of itself has a definite and extrinsic value.

Prevalent data warehouses containing your personal information

Perhaps the most valuable type of information that exists in this day and age is the personal and financial information of men and women. As a result, an entire industry has developed through which the personal and financial information of consumers is amassed.

Corporate data breaches

Even with you taking all steps necessary to protect your personal and financial information, you still may fall victim to identity theft because of corporate and governmental data breaches. Over the course of the past couple of years, stories of corporate data breaches have been commonplace.

Everybody is vulnerable

You are vulnerable to ID theft because everyone is vulnerable to ID theft. In the information age, with everyone and everything so interconnected, a person like you is vulnerable to ID theft at nearly every turn.



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