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How Identity Theft Happens: Credit Card Schemes

There are many different types of identity theft scams and schemes being perpetrated today. Many of these identify theft scams and schemes involve the misappropriation of a person’s credit card information. Through this article, you will be provided an overview of the identity theft scams and schemes that are associated with the misuse and misappropriation of credit card information.

People Who Call You

One common identity theft scheme that involves credit card has someone call you on the phone. The caller may make a number of different pitches to you. They may indicate that they have a product to sell you, a service to provide. They may indicate that they are raising money for a well known charity. There are even some schemes that have a caller advise you that you have won the lottery. Additionally, there are schemes in which the caller says that he or she is from a governmental agency.

In any event, the caller manipulates you until you do provide credit card information. And, off goes the person who has committed identity theft. Armed with your credit card information, this criminals will be able to wreak havoc on your credit card account in no time at all -- literally no time at all.

People Who Email You

On the Net, you are also vulnerable to identity theft through the misappropriation of your credit card. In these cases, you may receive an email advertising a product or service that you might be interested in. You get sent to a website and you make a “purchase” -- plain and simple.

In the process, you enter your credit card information. Of course, you are not really making a purchase. Rather, you have handed your information over to a person or group of people who are in the business of identity theft and nothing more.



Be Cautious in Providing Your Credit Card Information

When all is said and done, you need to be very cautious and conservative about who you provide you credit card information to in this day and age. For example, if you receive an email on the Net promoting a product or service at a great price, you should not make the purchase unless you absolutely are certain that you have linked through to a website of a reputable and reliable retailer. You need to keep in mind that many scammers will set up dummy websites that look very much like the real thing. Thus, your best bet is to type the address of the retailer or service provider that supposedly is marketing the product or service that is being promoted in the email. In this way, you can be sure that you are making a purchase appropriately and not falling victim to identity theft.


By following the suggestions mapped out in this brief article, you will be able to reduce the chances that you will end up the victim of identity theft either today or in the future. You do need to always keep in mind how serious and commonplace identity theft is today and act accordingly.


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