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Q I hear stories about how my financial life can be ruined if someone gains access to my personal identifying information. What can I do?

A Identity theft is becoming a huge problem. Just this week the IRS released an updated estimate stating hacker thieves stole the personal tax information of 334,000 taxpayers from an IRS website, giving them all the information they would need to assume your identity. A few months ago, the Office of Personal Management announced that hacker thieves gained access to the personal data of 4 million current and former federal employees. Retail stores including Target and Home Depot have had their customer credit card data stolen. And countless individuals have inadvertently been comprised by telephone scammers, credit card skimmers, and corrupt service personnel.

The outcome of having your identity stolen can range from a major inconvenience to financial ruin. A friend recently had her office broken into while she was on vacation. The burglars took her tax return, checkbook, and credit card. They were able to cash a check and withdraw money from an ATM. They almost succeeded in opening a credit card with an online retailer. We can’t do anything about hackers that tap into the IRS, government, or commercial dat……….. continues on Monterey County Herald.

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MILFORD- State Representatives Pam Staneski, Charles Ferraro and Kim Rose along with the Milford Police Department hosted an Identity Protection and Safety Forum for interested Milford businesses to talk about the dangers of identity theft.

The Identity Protection and Safety information forum was held at the Milford Police Department and the panel consists of: representatives of the Milford Police Department Computer & Identity Theft Crime Unit and

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