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Identity Theft: Why Has it Reached Epidemic Proportions Today?

Certainly, if you have spent any time watching television, surfing the Internet or reading newspapers or magazines, you realize that identity theft or ID theft has become such a serious problem today. Through this brief article, you are provided some basic information about why identity theft is so commonplace today.

The Rise of the Internet

One of the primary reasons why identity theft has become so prevalent today is the rise of the Internet. In this day and age, a significant amount of commerce is taking place over the Internet. Therefore, people are constantly being called upon to provide personal and financial information over the Net.

In this regard, there are a number of unscrupulous operators lurking around in cyberspace who make it their goal to swipe identities in order to obtain illicitly an economic gain. In short, these people swipe and steal your personal and financial data and use it all to their own advantage -- at your expense, quite literally.

The Rise of Electronic Banking

Over the course of the past fifteen years, a growing number of men and women have become heavily involved in banking electronically. To this end, they deal with their financial transactions by phone, via ATM machines and over the Internet. As a result, these men and women are providing people intend on stealing identities significant opportunities to steal their identities.

Although electronic banking is so convenient and easy, it also is risky in that you do have some exposure to becoming a victim of identity theft. (Therefore, it is important that you do everything in your power to keep your financial information secure.)



The Rise of Credit and Debit Cards

Another development over the course of the past decade and a half involves the ever increasing number of people who rely heavily on the use of credit and debit cards. Of course, these devices are very convenient. However, one of the most common types of identity theft involves the misappropriation and misuse of credit and debit card numbers and information. In no time at all, a person can end up having a significant amount of money charge to or taken from his or her account when a person becomes the victim of identity theft involving a credit or debit card.

The Rise of Automatic Payments

Yet one more reason why identity theft has become so prevalent today is the fact that so many people are using automatic, electronic payments to pay their bills. Once again, this provides identity thieves the chance to misappropriate a personís financial and personal data.

Failure to Guard Personal and Financial Data

Finally, identity theft continues to rise because so many people are not working hard enough to protect their personal and financial information. Identity thieves make it a practice to dig through trash and find financial records and other information that can be utilized to swipe a personís identity.


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