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ID Theft Consumer Guide



  Identity Theft Basics  


What is identity theft?

You likely have heard the term “identity theft” or “ID theft” and yet you may not know what exactly is meant by identity theft.

How serious is identity theft?

By considering the reporting of identity theft statistics, you will have a better idea of how commonplace this crime has now become.

Why identity theft is so epidemic

Certainly, if you have spent any time watching television, surfing the Internet or reading newspapers or magazines, you realize that identity theft or ID theft has become such a serious problem today.

Why your Social Security Number is important and what would happen when it's stolen

Indeed, the typical man or woman will provide his or her Social Security number in many different situations without giving any particular thought to the potential for identity or ID theft.

How identity theft happens

Identity theft is becoming the most common type of crime in the world today. You may be wondering how identity theft happens.

Identity theft can happen to you no matter who you are

You may think that you are immune to identity theft. In point of fact, identity theft can happen to anyone. Identity theft can happen to you.

What to do when you lose your wallet or purse

If you have lost your wallet or purse, there are some steps that you need to take at once in order to protect yourself in the aftermath of the loss of your wallet or purse.

Identity theft and the consumer protection law

If you have become the victim of identity theft, you need to have a basic understanding of the protections that are available to you under the Consumer Protection Act.




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